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Why use us?

For four main reasons:

1. We understand search engines

Search engines like Google (or Yahoo! or Bing) are usually the first stop for someone looking for a product or service online. We know what it takes for your site to be visible on their results for the searches your target market is doing.

2. We understand web copy

People treat website content differently to how they read printed material: they scan rather than read, they’re goal-oriented, and they’re far more impatient. With this in mind, we write web copy that’s clear, engaging, and that inspires your visitors to take action.

3. We understand content structure

The more clearly you lay out your site content, the more likely it is that search engines can work out what it’s about, and the more easily your visitors will be able to find what they’re looking for. These two factors impact how site visitors perceive your brand, which ultimately defines whether or not they’ll become your customer.

4. We understand social media

When used incorrectly, social media can take up boatloads of time without producing any tangible results. By understanding that a social media campaign is only as good as its underlying strategy, we create campaigns with solid strategies that fit your specific business like a well worn glove.

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